Our team

SOFTIQ was founded in 2015. In just a few years, it grew into a team of almost one hundred employees. Even though we are divided into highly specialised teams, playing to our strengths and expertise in project delivery, we put great emphasis on collaboration, team problem resolution, issue consultation, support, and experience-sharing with other colleagues.

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They guard and develop our business, adopting the best strategies for the company's current and future growth. They are not only considered great managers, but above all, they are also practised IT professionals. Strong field expertise allows them to foster excellent relationships with SOFTIQ’s employees and futureproof their capabilities through deliberate skill development.

We've created an amazing team. It gives me an immense pleasure to be working with these people.

Piotr Żurawlow

President of SOFTIQ


A group of energetic people who eat, sleep and breathe customer relations. Project Managers liaise directly with clients and our production teams. They are often in the firing line, although it is rare for anyone to shoot at them; their aptitude and experience result in legendary collaborations. Salespeople are responsible for preparing offers, negotiations and concluding all manner of assignments. This is a group of the best of the best, crème de la crème.

Every customer is valuable to us, and we make sure that great relationships are not only established at the beginning but also continued throughout our journeys. This is by no means an easy task, but I am lucky to be supported by our talented teams.


Director of the PMO


These are the great minds that try to walk in our clients’ shoes in order to fully understand their needs and expectations. Without their knowledge and skills, it would be difficult for us to create just the right product. Their reliability and attentiveness to customers’ requirements is vital in the pre-production stage. Analysts create functional and business concepts, while Designers construct IT systems and supervise their implementation to ensure the specifications are meticulously met.

Even though things can get demanding at times, seeing the final product is always hugely rewarding and makes all the hard work worth it in the end.


Chief Analyst


Quality Assurance Specialists, Implementation Specialists and Helpdesk Consultants form a strong group of "the all-knowing". Before a software release, the QA Team verify that our solutions are free from any defects. With their go-ahead, our Implementation Specialists take over. Their grasp of all the inner workings of our solutions is of great value as they also deliver crucial feedback from our end users. In the unlikely event of experiencing any turbulence, our Helpdesk Consultants will be delighted to answer any queries and solve all your problems.

Clients know they can rely on full support from me, I cannot imagine not being able to deliver that sort of reassurance.


Head of technical support team


The most difficult battles are often fought right here. We have dozens of programmers with key competencies and real passion to deliver winning IT solutions. We have found out many times that the atmosphere and working conditions among them translate into their incredible commitment to our projects. They take pride in the fact that their products not only perform well but also never compromise on aesthetic aspects.

I often get requests to jump ships. But I'm just fine right where I am.


Team leader