Our team

We established SOFTIQ in 2015 and after just a few years, we are now a team of almost one hundred employees, who have been divided into specialised teams. Each of them is responsible for a certain area of activity in projects. Despite the organisational division, we still work together, consulting on many issues, we support and share our experiences with colleagues. Together we feel even stronger.

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They protect and develop our business and decide the company's strategy. They are not only great managers, but above all, IT professionals, and what makes them build excellent relationships with employees is the fact they understand our work and ensure that we can develop our qualifications.

We've created a great team. Working with these people is a great pleasure.

Piotr Żurawlow

President of SOFTIQ


A group of energetic people for whom contact with the customer is their everyday life. Project managers coordinate cooperation between the client and production teams. They are in the firing line, although it is rare for someone to shoot at them. Their knowledge and experience transform into great cooperation. Salespeople are responsible for preparing offers, negotiations and concluding all topics. This is a group of ‘the best of the best’.

Every new customer is valuable to us and we make sure that every meeting with us is the beginning of a cooperation. This job is a big challenge. I am happy I work with the best.


Director of the PMO


Definitely the most feminine team in our company. It works in close cooperation with the management board, which is entrusted with many key departments for the company. This is the team where all documentation related to projects, tenders and training is prepared. The ladies watch over all HR issues from the moment of recruitment, through hiring an employee, to introducing them to the team. They are also responsible for marketing, which includes publishing content on social media and organising all kinds of corporate events and conferences.

I have found out many times that anything is possible for us. Frequent brainstorming always ends up finding the best solution.


Chief executive officer


These are the great minds that try to "get into the client's shoes" and understand their needs and expectations. Without their knowledge and skills, it would be difficult for us to create the right product, that's why their reliability and attentiveness to what the customer says is crucial for us before starting the production stage. Analysts create functional and business concepts. Designers design IT systems and supervise their implementation and ensure their compliance with the criteria.

It is hard. We are very demanding on each other. But when we see the results of our work, we know it was worth it.


Chief Analyst


Quality Assurance specialists, implementation specialists and helpdesk consultants form a strong group of "all-knowing". Before a software release, the QA team verifies that our solutions is free from any defects. When everything is acceptable, the team of implementation specialists continues the work. Their knowledge about the workings of our solutions is of great value. They are the first team giving opinions and information about implemented products The Help-desk consultants are those who solve our clients' problems. Everyone who needs help in handling the solutions we offer can count on their support.

Clients expects help from me. I can't imagine not being able to give it to them.


Head of technical support team


The most difficult battle is often fought here. We have a great team of dozens of programmers with key competences to implement IT projects, who approach their work with passion. We have found out many times that the atmosphere and working conditions among them transform into their commitment to the project. Thanks to them, our products not only function well but also look good aesthetically.

I often get requests to change companies. But I'm just fine here.


Team leader