The World Backup Day


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March 31st is the World Backup Day. In this article you will find information about how Softiq deals with backups.  

A year ago, we published an article about this important aspect of life in the IT world. We encourage you to read about its genesis of this holiday here  

Today we mention our buisness backyard. Softiq is increasingly using the available Microsoft solutions. One such tool is OneDrive, which can be used for corporate backups. The tool is fairly intuitive to use, and each employee has 1TB of capacity for stored data. 

What are the advantages of using shared OneDrive spaces?  

– Remote access to data from your laptop, tablet or phone  

– Ability to easily share files (including with people outside your company)  

– Problems with the internet? A local copy of your files is created and available offline, and once your network connection is restored, your files sync to the cloud.  

– 90-day recycle garbage can in case of accidental data deletion  

– Connect to your email inbox – save attachments to the cloud   

– 1TB of storage space!  

There are many more advantages, but it is the best to discover them yourself. Especially since hardware problems can occur when you least expect it, and keeping a backup copy in the company’s cloud will allow you to quickly recover the most important files, for example on a replacement device. Changing to new hardware? Here again, ongoing use of OneDrive will speed up the process of switching devices.  

Softiq has already held two editions of internal training courses on OneDrive and SharePoint, and guides for everyone in company are in the preparation.  

Finally, here’s an interesting fact about backups at Softiq:  

  • 35% of employees are actively using OneDrive accounts; 
  • 444,986 files are backed up, of which only 188 are actively used via synchronization; 
  • These files take up a total of 541 GB – which is only half the limit for 1 person;  
  • Additionally, we have another 25 TB of backup data (including virtual machines) in various locations.  

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