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This time it’s not one, but two successes!

It’s already a tradition that everything in SOFTIQ accelerates at the end of the year. November, although melancholic and often a bit lethargic, in SOFTIQ passes with the speed of a rushing pendolino. Especially when we sign a new contract. And when these are two contracts, it seems as if it is racing like a TGV.

So, despite the November rain outside the windows, the temperature in SOFTIQ just like in August, because we have just completed the formalities related to the expansion of our existing cooperation with The State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People, which resulted in two contracts.

The subject of one of them are modification and development services and extension of the maintenance period of the financial support service system, which has been “in our hands” for over two years. The second is a completely new contract, which obliges us to provide professional support to PFRON in the process of testing manufactured products during the implementation of the project concerning the iPFRON + system. As part of this cooperation, we will provide test execution services and develop appropriate documentation.

Over a dozen people are involved in the implementation of all the above tasks on the part of SOFTIQ – a whole team of programmers specialized in technologies such as Javascript, jQuery, Phalcon PHP framework and Bootstrap, analysts, testers, Project Managers care about the success of projects.

We are aware of the importance of acquiring new customers – establishing new collaborations, learning about new areas and methods of operation. However, for us it is equally important to maintain very good relations with clients who have been with us for years. The two signed contracts, referred to above, are on the one hand a winning procedure, which is always a great success for us, and on the other hand, a proof of customer trust that extends the scope of cooperation. This gives us a sense of stability, which is important to us in this ever-changing reality.

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