The way we ended the holiday season

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The holiday season for many employees ended with the arrival of September. Fortunately, at the end of the holidays, we were able to organize a company barbecue ending the period in which we enjoyed less traffic on the roads in the morning, less crowds in public transport and no rush every morning when you have to send the youngest to school or kindergarten.

The girls prepared delicious food, because – you know – sausage is not everything, and the gentlemen took care of preparing the place. The grill is a really great option having so many people willing to eat. Speaking of food … As usual, potatoes with mushrooms and onions, which after a quarter of an hour were difficult to find on the table, were a hit. Okay, we admit – they were prepared earlier in the oven, but it did not bother anything and accelerated the serving of delicacies.

It was a good Friday afternoon.

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