SOFTIQ’s Xmas Eve

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December 12th at SOFTIQ was a very solemn day. Strolling down the hall, meeting colleagues in the kitchen, listening to conversations, one could feel that this is not an ordinary Thursday. The talks concentrated on the meeting that was to take place in the afternoon, and was preceded by a summary of the year to which the entire tean was invited by members of the Management Board. It was also the moment when we found out about the plans for the next twelve months.

We know that there are many challenges ahead, the target always goes up, but you know what is the coolest thing about it? That nobody here says “you have to”. Here we say “we believe in you”. This fundamental difference makes each subsequent year in many respects better than the previous one, and we stick together, acquiring new competences, learning and implementing really difficult projects.

In the afternoon we traditionally started a feast at the Christmas table. There was of course fish, dumplings and stuffed cabbage which we all love so much. However, the most important thing above all of  was the fact that we could meet again outside the company and spend a very nice evening in the company of … hmm. Friends? Co-workers? I think both.