My Plate Space – what’s on my plate?

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Softiq is constantly evolving, and as we grow, not only the teams grow, but also the number of ongoing projects increases. Today we are proud of our cooperation with a foreign startup – Cluiid. Such projects are a challenge for us – and we take each challenge very seriously.

What is My Plate Space and what was Softiq’s role in this project?

My Plate Space is an application that was created in order to… save people. Why? It often happens that someone has a strong allergic reaction to a particular ingredient in a served dish. It is not always possible to find out about all allergens from the menu. My Plate Space was created to make it easier to provide information. Thanks to this application, every restaurant that has taken out a subscription gives its customers access to a detailed list of ingredients and allergens of all dishes. Additionally, the kitchen (chefs and waiters) have real-time access to the orders placed in the restaurant, and each customer can add a comment with their food allergy requirements. In the application it is also possible to check the availability of products in the area – thanks to this the manager is able to precisely plan their purchases.

How did Softiq participate in this project?

We dealt with the creation of My Plate Space application from beginning to end. Currently it is being implemented. However, our cooperation with Cluiid does not end with the implementation. Within the signed agreement we will maintain the application and support the client at any time.

What technologies do we use?

The application is developed in the AWS cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services). Back-end is created in Full Serverless architecture and is written in TypeScript language and run in NodeJS. The front-end is an application based on Angular framework created in TypeScript. We also use non-relational Amazon Dynamo DB database.

What does our working methodology look like?

In Softiq we work in Scrum methodology. To most projects we approach in an agile way, based on sprints. As is known, this method allows for self-organization of the team and thus increasing its efficiency and reducing the time of delivery of the finished product, which is very important for both us and the client.

Therefore, we are all the more pleased that the development in our company is a fact, not a promise. We hope for further foreign cooperation, which gives a lot of opportunities and satisfaction with the task.
Big congratulations to the whole team, which worked on the creation of My Plate Space.

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