Intensive training time in SOFTIQ

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During the five years of SOFTIQ’s presence on the market, we have learned how to raise the competences of our employees. Every year we try to use the potential of our team by not only by obtaining certificates but also by providing possibilities to upgrade the knowledge for those ones who want to acquire new skills.

Today we are in the process of implementing a very large training project, financed by the National Training Fund. As part of this project, over 30 full-time employed SOFTIQ’s workers were trained. The amount for this project is almost PLN 120 000 and 80% of the sum is co-financed by the National Training Fund.

Trainings are in an online form, and their topics are various and tailored to the needs of our team and part of them end with an exam, the other part has a form of workshops. They training are various levels to from basic to the advanced one – all according to the employees’ skills.

This project is not just a matter of selecting employees to provide proper training. It is also the entire tool of the necessary documentation, which is an indispensable tool financed by the fund. The trainings started in September, today it is almost November and everything is going smoothly. We are adding it to the list of our successes 🙂

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