Holiday Expert – we have something to brag about!

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Another good news from Softiq!  

A lot happened in December and the amount of work was overwhelming, but it resulted in a number of successes. It is time to proudly present our next achievement – the Holiday Expert project, which has been carried out for the Polish Association of Travel Agents (OSAT). The project lasted from March to December 2021.  

Holiday Expert applications are a complete support for travel agents, allowing them to more easily handle holiday trips of their customers. The Holiday Expert project included primarily two applications developed by our specialists:  

– a web application designed for travel agents, enabling them to manage processes related to, for example, handling reservations, payments or transport;

– a mobile application for customers, allowing them to keep track of the most important information regarding planned holidays.

Thanks to the fact that we offer a wide range of services, we can carry out projects that require our knowledge of various solutions. We are happy that such challenges are a daily occurrence for us, however, each new project develops us.   

Thanks to the commitment of our employees and their professionalism, we have also signed another framework agreement for application maintenance and development. This confirms that customers trust us. The project itself was carried out in accordance with the Agile methodology and our team of experts worked on kanban boards using Trello application.  

For more details about the applications we developed, please visit:

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