Hannover Messe Digital Edition 2021

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The most important technology fair in the world is underway – the Hannover Messe. For security reasons, the fair is held on-line. We couldn’t miss it!

The event focuses on international community meetings, knowledge exchange, contacts and talks that will hopefully do a lot of good in terms of industrial transformation. Every day on the main stage there are discussion panels and speeches related to international trade, climate neutrality and innovation.

As part of the fair, our sales team meets with companies from various industries throughout the week, presenting the opportunities offered by cooperation with Softiq and talking about the current situation on the IT market. It is true that this is our debut at the on-line fair, but we know from the reports of our colleagues that the atmosphere is very inspiring.

The entire organization of Hannover Messe fair also deserves attention. We are aware that preparing such an event – especially when it takes place on a different basis than before requires a lot of effort. The shared fair platform helps a lot in reaching potential partners by categorizing the areas of activity, which definitely facilitates contact.

We are very pleased that despite the difficulties, such events are still organized. Our two-person team has a full schedule and we are certain that everything what will happen this week will give us space to establish cooperation and maintain relationships with other companies.

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