“Dobry start” – the great implementation is behind us


Anna Makieła-Zoń
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Applications under the “Dobry start” program will only be allowed to be submitted electronically – the media has been rumbling it for some time. The amendment to the law on supporting the family and the foster care system signed by the President assumed not only the streamlining of the process, but also the transfer of the program implementation to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). For Softiq, this meant a challenge that has never been faced before.

The introduction of the above changes meant the cooperation of two huge institutions, which is ZUS and the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, as well as 16 banks. The preparations for the implementation lasted three months, and under the institutions there was a staff of people who made sure that the whole change would go smoothly. The finale of the story took place on the night from June 30th to July 1st. However, before that happened, there were a lot of meetings, arrangements, works on the production, testing and implementation of new components. Result? Success. After midnight, the first applications were accepted and positively verified by the system.

Why are we writing about it? Because in both teams – on the side of Social Insurance Institution and the Ministry of Family and Social Policy Softiq’s employees were involved. How did this happen?

As Asseco’s subcontractors, we cooperate with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) as part of the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) project, through which – in accordance with the new regulations – it will be possible to submit an application. As part of the system operating on the side of ZUS, our team has prepared, among others new component – a service responsible for accepting and verifying applications for 300+ payment from banking systems and [email protected] At the same time, Softiq implements for Ministry of Family and Social Policy projects such as the Central IT System for Social Security (CSiZS) and the Information and Service Portal ([email protected]). The task of our teams was both to prepare the 300+ Application Wizard in the [email protected] system and to create a mechanism for transferring the generated applications (in the CSIZS system) to the system in ZUS.

In this way, on the Softiq’s side, several dozen people were involved in the entire operation – project managers, analysts, designers, programmers, testers, consultants and administrators. The cooperation of so many people and many institutions turned out to be a huge success, and – according to the media – over a million applications have already been submitted.

And we? We are working on further successes.

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