Cooperation with PFRON


Anna Makieła-Zoń
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If you only knew how much is happening in SOFTIQ! We have recently won the tender procedure announced by the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People for the services of technical assistance and maintenance, modification and development of the e-PFRON2 system. Winning it wasn’t easy. Three companies joined the tender procedure, but our offer finally turned out to be the most advantageous for the Ordering Party. It was important to us, because PFRON has been our client for a long time, and the above-mentioned tender procedure was in fact an extension of our cooperation. But let’s first start with some details …

What is e-PFRON2?

Simply speaking, it is a system, through which employers obliged to make contribution to PEFRON (or released from them) submit declarations in the form of an electronic document. “In the middle” of the system there are two main components: the employer’s part (the one mentioned above, available to the public) and the operator’s part (only available to the institutions’ workers).

What are we actually doing there?

As part of our previous agreement, our task was to upgrade a module for the employer, which we did, using new technologies such as Bootstrap and Angular. In the current agreement the task is the modernization of the second part – module for operator. This is due to the need of adopting the system to the latest accessibility requirements for people with disabilities. We are happy about it, because our WCAG 2.1 specialists are invincible and they really know their job.

What technologies do we use in the project?

After modernization, the system is based on Docker containers. We implement frontend as a Single Page Application, using Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4.5, and backend as a REST API in PHP 7.4 with the Symfony 4.4 framework.

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