2019 Geecon Prague


Anna Makieła-Zoń
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Software developer is also human – sometimes needs breath and inspiration. This time, the desire to develop and keep up with the latest industry news and trends led us to the very capital of the Czech Republic – Prague – and the popular Geecon conference organized there.

We arrived in the evening before the event – we had only a quick dinner (enriched with … dessert – it would be a sin to skip at least one Student chocolate in its home country), after which we quickly went to sleep. The next day early morning we went straight to the conference. We were greeted by the wonderful aroma of coffee and general fuss – despite the early time, the organizers did not idle and bustled like ants, supporting registration. The event began with a short welcome speech and a joint lecture on the dangers of data privacy on the Internet. Then the lectures were held in parallel in three movie theaters, so everyone could undoubtedly find something for themselves. This year, the most popular topics were data mining, (invariably) microservices, the DevOps initiative, as well as aspects related to functional and reactive programming. An interesting element was also a specially prepared mobile application, which not only allowed the current browsing of the agenda, but also enabled the assessment of individual lectures. For two days we had the opportunity to participate in dozens of lectures, most of which were at a really high level of content.

It was our second visit to Geecon in a row – we had a great time, being able to explore the atmospheric streets of Prague and savor local delicacies. Given the high level of knowledge presented, the wide variety of content, efficient organization and favorable location, this was certainly not the last visit!

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